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How can you help?

There are several ways to do good with Ride4Hope.


Become a member of the association, so you actively support the vision and have access to further discounts. Click here for the registration form!


By means of a donation to RideHope Austria, the campaign is directly supported.


IBAN: AT80 1921 0332 9381 2003BIC


Please indicate your name as a reason for payment, if you also want to be included in the BKool group, please contact me.

Hint: With a donation of 200 euros or more, you will automatically receive a bike jersey from ride4hope!

Group excursions

Various group trips are also organized in summer. Take part in it, advertise, wear the dress and maybe we will collect donations at the trips. I let myself be surprised. the planned events such as RL rides, leagues, virtual rides are all managed in the BKool calendar.


BKool Group

Note:the BKool membership is free, you could try a month of premium membership. With the basic membership, however, no video and 3D routes are possible. No SMART Trainer is required for spectator mode.

If you want to participate in joint ventures and events with the BKool Group Virtual Exits, register with BKool and apply for group participation. The group will be set to "private" after 10 active participants, until then each application will be accepted without donation. So hurry up!


Race participations

In addition to the group, I will plan stages in a competition on a quarterly basis. There will be raffles after each section (planned per quarter) and prizes will be awarded to all participants. At the same time gil again help by cycling and not the best wins everything. Let yourself be surprised!

KM Cycling

Register in one of the available Ride4Hope groups , this registration is free, but the registration counts every kilometer and will be converted into money at the end of the year, thanks to our supporters.


Buy our Designed Outfit! Every purchase goes into the sponsor pot! We will not generate a profit with the sale the sale "only" serves to fill the donation pot.

For purchase please go to our shop


Are the one company that also wants to participate in this project, sponsoring is very much desired. If you have donations in kind, or if you want to take over dress sponsoring, please contact us


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