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For the next order there is, thanks to OWAYO, 10% for the auxiliary font!

For the next order, thanks to OCCO, there is 15% for the auxiliary font!

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If you are interested in the dress, you can also support the action with it. The net profit of the sale also goes into the auxiliary pot.

The dresses are high-quality cycling dresses by Owayo. When Straps uses these dresses at RAAM, it speaks for itself.

Price differentiation

Prices are staggered. I will order once a month after "order receipt". The more people participate, the cheaper your order will be! For the next order, an additional 10% goes to the aid font, thanks to OWAYO! When ordering Graz and surroundings, the product can also be picked up!

Cycling jersey PROCycling shorts PROClothT Shirt
1 pcs87 €105 €27 €21 €
from 10 pcs65 €75 €16 €18 €
from 50 pcs45 €68 €12 €12 €
# orders Feb.
4 (87€)1 (105€)02 (21€)
All prices do not include delivery costs and prepayment!


go to the webshop and place the order, I will contact you for payment and final costs!